The official language of the STUE-2023 is English.

Each speaker is allocated 15 minutes. It is recommended to use up to 10 minutes for the presentation itself and 5 minutes for Q/A.

The recommended file type for presentations is PowerPoint (*.pptx) for slide presentations and MP4 (*.mp4) for videos.

The presentation files should be sent to the Organizing Committee ( no later than June 7, 2023.

All presenters will be introduced to the audience by the Session Chair.

The template of the presentation can be downloaded via the link. We highly recommend preparing a presentation according to the mentioned below structure. Please keep to the format and do not exceed the maximum number of slides:

  • Title Slide [1 slide];
  • 1 Introduction and Major Challenges [1 slide];
  • 2 Aim and Research Tasks [1 slide];
  • 3 Research Methodology [up to 4 slides];
  • 4 Results [up to 5 slides];
  • 5 Conclusions [1 slide];
  • Acknowledgment [1 slide];
  • Thank you [1 slide].

Remember that you can expand your presentation by giving comments, while only essential and graphical information should be presented on slides. The recommended number of slides in the presentation is 15-20.

The following points should be taken into consideration when preparing your oral presentation:

  • Make sure that you are available at least 10 minutes before the session starts on the conference day.
  • The session PC will be equipped with a Windows OS and MS PowerPoint software. Remember to embed all your fonts into your presentation.
  • If you show video or animated media, make sure it runs on Windows Media Player.
  • When preparing your slides, make sure that they will be legible for the entire audience (i.e., use fonts of sufficient size). JPEG/TIFF images are the preferred file format for inserted images. Images inserted into PowerPoint are embedded in the presentations. Try to avoid overloading the presentation with additional images.
  • The recommended fonts are Calibri, Arial, and Times New Roman. If you insist on using different fonts, these must be embedded into the presentation by choosing the right option when saving the presentation (Click on “File”, then “Save As”, and Check the menu “Tools” and select “Embed True Type Fonts”).

The following points should be accounted for when preparing your video presentation. The text and video instructions can be found here.

Virtual Backgrounds for Zoom Session